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Current Promo Offers - January 2019


15th Nov2018: When game developers put a South African character in the game and now the whole world knows how delicious our Lekk… https://t.co/cosc5FOHyS
14th Nov2018: FACT: The more #RGB you have on your gaming system - The more FPS you gain. 😎 Maybe not..😅 BUT, with the… https://t.co/i9tNRye2Uy
13th Nov2018: The air drop has landed on our Facebook page for one lucky person with our @SteelSeriesZA MEGA giveaway 🔥 Head on… https://t.co/ZGFyFZnDzY
12th Nov2018: Sharpening your pencil while thinking about grinding your 2 handed battle axe. In the night we take off our masks a… https://t.co/manT1iDNV6
8th Nov2018: There is nothing better than smashing the brains in of hostile creatures in the wastelands together with your frien… https://t.co/ptbwnJwO33
8th Nov2018: In depth reviews, comparisons, beautiful visuals and lols from the ever manic @WookiEXXXL on @turbotortstech Take… https://t.co/2EAIG5txvg
7th Nov2018: Armor up and take cover! But do so in ultimate comfort - The @Vertagear PL6000 Camouflage special edition, availabl… https://t.co/PCP9127Hpd
5th Nov2018: On the 3rd of November 2018, eSports history was made with a 3-0 victory over @FNATIC , #IG showed us why they shou… https://t.co/Lq65YJj86n
2nd Nov2018: We along with @MSITweetsZA WANT to give you the latest titles in gaming! Get @assassinscreed Odyssey PC edition fo… https://t.co/UqWeZOHOxH
1st Nov2018: 🎉🎉🎉EVETECH TWITTER GIVEAWAY🎉🎉🎉 🎁 ASUS Gladius II ROG Gaming Mouse + 🎉 ASUS ROG Strix Edge Vertical Gaming Mousepa… https://t.co/VYwPQrmPJl
31st Oct2018: Lock & Load, and gear up with selected @ASUS_za products from @Evetech and get @CallofDuty : Black Ops 4 for FREE.… https://t.co/ROxOzRw7ky
30th Oct2018: Hark! What doth it mean to be a Noble lord? 🤔 A conundrum faced by many a gaming king! Sir. @DangerDaveLIVE tells u… https://t.co/St5KX7wHLX
25th Oct2018: Head over to our Instagram to enter our @ASUS_za Cerberus Mech RGB gaming keyboard giveaway 😎 ➡️https://t.co/2xLYEhRacz
24th Oct2018: Desktop power. Laptop size. Get your hands on the powerful @Alienware 17 R5 notebook and get a FREE Alienware Vindi… https://t.co/dciuRoepPL
23rd Oct2018: Slay monsters together with your @NVIDIAGeForce monster ❤️ now for a limited time! Available at Evetech:… https://t.co/n8suE13grF
19th Oct2018: Work all day, play all night. Gaming is who we are, taking it to the next level for South African gamers is our goa… https://t.co/j38Bo9h64i
17th Oct2018: The new @Vertagear SL2000 @bravadogaming limited edition chairs have landed exclusive to @Evetech - show your suppo… https://t.co/vJWCB8UAZa
16th Oct2018: Together with @MSITweetsZA and @htcvive grab yourself a bundle when picking up a #MSI GE63 Raider or GP63 Leopard -… https://t.co/HsfLLuhfWg
15th Oct2018: For those of you who submitted your clips in our monthly giveaway - Fear not, you have not been forgotten! Have a… https://t.co/RgSZ9IrXxY
7th Oct2018: Achieving something you are proud of takes team work and a shared passion. Gaming is part of who we are at Evetech… https://t.co/648MbN47kU
6th Oct2018: At the @EnergyEsportsZA mousepad signing at @rAgeExpo Today we are very proud to call ourselves South African gamer… https://t.co/cuvAfPeCsP
6th Oct2018: The grand finals of our @Quake Champions Tournament here at @rAgeExpo 2018 are happening now LIVE! Ph4ntom vs Chase… https://t.co/NEzJF880q6
6th Oct2018: All of the beautiful SA gamers out to play @rAgeExpo 2018 😎 Our Quake Champions semi finals going LIVE over on our… https://t.co/yQlvMMz76f
3rd Oct2018: Bring it on @DangerDaveLIVE The DANGER ZONE awaits! 😎👊 More here: https://t.co/VWdL8ciUdV https://t.co/ipXMRMUcWy
1st Oct2018: 🎮 Experience true gaming with the latest in PC gaming hardware 🕹️Play with local streamers 🥊 Take on your friends… https://t.co/oCRiZCSbzp
28th Sep2018: Put a hex on the competition. Featuring the latest 8th Generation @intel Quad and Hex Core CPUs, the #DellG5 gaming… https://t.co/CM1AVbSXKW
28th Sep2018: A force to be reckoned with. Transform the way you game with the #DellG5 gaming laptop – powered by @NVIDIAGeForce… https://t.co/YTAWcaY4U5
27th Sep2018: With @rAgeExpo bringing veterans and newcomers together in their love for all things gaming, now is the perfect tim… https://t.co/hL1NPh8Bb2
26th Sep2018: Elevate your game. Featuring a powerful @NVIDIAGeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, the #DellG3 gaming laptop lets you g… https://t.co/sNOQ0BjTIR
21st Sep2018: We need your help! How far are you willing to go to win something "custom" Something that will take our weekly give… https://t.co/aQwR4h2F92
20th Sep2018: With a 5mm bezel to maximise your window into gaming along with a range of 16.7 million colours per key - The… https://t.co/3DRPvU54fg
18th Sep2018: Comic Con Africa was an epic experience for South Africa and we are so happy that we were able to be a part of it w… https://t.co/9W5P5TyBp0
16th Sep2018: Day 2 and one lucky gent snagged himself a #ASUS Vivobook! How? Simply coming on over to the @ASUS_za #ROG & Evetec… https://t.co/ndLC5FfzxD
15th Sep2018: The smash hit of @ComicConAfrica !! Everyone getting in on the epic @BeatSaber action. Who else wants to test thei… https://t.co/0iSNfeWPXN
14th Sep2018: Winter is coming indeed at the @ASUS_za and @Evetech @ComicConAfrica stand Thanks to @SphinxMods! https://t.co/Bp2JVnsXuv
13th Sep2018: Because every once in awhile you need to upgrade... https://t.co/mnCm3nb7Cx
11th Sep2018: Suiting up as https://t.co/uRAfKtEyvg? Jumping into your spiderman-spandex? We and @ASUS_za want to see what awesom… https://t.co/cpL7X2PFgj
10th Sep2018: Something amazing is coming... #Evetech https://t.co/yceXxqckMI
5th Sep2018: Powerful and Professional. The #MSI PS42 doesn’t just deliver in slim design and good looks. It also packs the powe… https://t.co/j2nyXFjsbN
3rd Sep2018: The last bullet shell has hit the ground for the #Evetech Champions League Season one, and the victors have emerged… https://t.co/FSlJG7H92P
31st Aug2018: #ECL Season 1 Finals Hype! We have our popcorn and energy drinks ready for this weekend #JoinTheLegion https://t.co/mgMp0Bandg
29th Aug2018: The Evetech Gameplay Clips Competition isn’t JUST here for impressive displays of gamer skill, No. We’re also here… https://t.co/55kEFiUaV8
28th Aug2018: For those aspiring designers, tech wizards or movie extremists. The @AORUS_ZA AERO 15 gives you the colours you see… https://t.co/60pXnHpSX2
27th Aug2018: People ask us “why does the new #RTX series cost so much” Well, let’s explain it this way... Your PC is the Dojo, a… https://t.co/7HzArSGrjO
24th Aug2018: Are you ready to rise to the challenge with @SteelSeriesZA ?For the next week and a bit, grab yourself #Steelseries… https://t.co/u9Qv7wEGVy
23rd Aug2018: Week 7 of the #Evetech Champions league tonight with some big match ups as @EnergyEsportsZA takes on @Big5Esports a… https://t.co/CG15SCSCFD
20th Aug2018: Join the revolution in gaming realism. Introducing the GeForce RTX 20 Series. #GraphicsReinvented Pre-order now:… https://t.co/jSapZuUo6c
20th Aug2018: The clock ticks - something big is coming #BeForTheGame and see what happens: https://t.co/EgDmAkkdao https://t.co/V9nHK1CVJY
18th Aug2018: Last chance to enter our MEGA GIVEAWAY 🤩 with @MSITweetsZA and @DangerDaveLIVE Simply enter and you could win the… https://t.co/7LpbxTi11W
17th Aug2018: 72 Hours. #BeForTheGame. https://t.co/oNw9gx66nB https://t.co/VJgp9S5RGi
16th Aug2018: We jump into some more action of week 6 of the #ECL, creating the space for our talented CS:GO players to shine and… https://t.co/nfitfC02cS
15th Aug2018: #BeForTheGame https://t.co/XHfd5xlrcO
15th Aug2018: Congrats @Lag_Beast ! Keep up the awesome @PlayOverwatch grind, we have such talented gamers here in South Africa,… https://t.co/EqSfozpNFV
13th Aug2018: 😍 https://t.co/7mVkUvSt2O
13th Aug2018: It doesn’t matter if you’re at the office with 70+ Google Chrome tabs open, Plugged in and gaming with the friends… https://t.co/uRw415TznQ
10th Aug2018: "Nice little spray down, GETS THE 3K!! FreakY.... DIRTY!" - @za_geemax The @Evetech Champions League never disapp… https://t.co/Isb5uH3Hym
8th Aug2018: This one is for the petrol heads, gas guzzling sim racing elite. Tag your crew, like our social and tell us below… https://t.co/QPgTp3d8Uf
7th Aug2018: Unashamedly mobile unmistakably slick Unreservedly epic Tell us why the Aero 15 is your gaming/work powerhouse here… https://t.co/z3Xd4iFmnH
6th Aug2018: Apart from winning every @Mettlestate #PUBG competition to date ;) We think that they are just rad people and you s… https://t.co/xCvBsDdvde
3rd Aug2018: Get @PUBG, #Battlefield 1, #CounterStrike : Global Offensive for FREE along with other epic titles! $170+ FREE cont… https://t.co/qEb8DPfURg
1st Aug2018: We think it’s time for mechanical keyboard designers to start thinking about their dedicated gamer’s comfort more,… https://t.co/HWBmQ2X8ov
1st Aug2018: The sexy @MSITweetsZA rig @DangerDaveLIVE built for us live on Sunday with the brand new #MSI B450 TOMAHAWK motherb… https://t.co/ccUEkcyrbz
29th Jul2018: We love us some Sunday Funday #Overwatch goodness! Check him out! https://t.co/U4uuh898ob
28th Jul2018: We are having a MEGA GIVEAWAY thanks to @MSITweetsZA. Find out how to enter this Sunday at 5PM on @Evetech Facebook… https://t.co/lO5DFoBrEl
27th Jul2018: Attention Nadia Janse van Vuuren we have some pretty sweet @Razer brownie points for you to hand out to your team!… https://t.co/3braPdbKMM
26th Jul2018: Some epic match ups tonight on week 3 of the @Evetech Champions League! In the spotlight tonight LIVE on:… https://t.co/hlvBwl9tic
25th Jul2018: The Alienware AW2518H ✅240Hz monitor for ultra smooth game play. ✅1ms response time to make you live the experience… https://t.co/qnvMnpChFQ
24th Jul2018: Our website is now flowing with green glowing @Razer venom. With a fully revamped Razer section, unbeatable Razer s… https://t.co/obvyqcXB6P
24th Jul2018: Super MEGA deal Happening for one day only at @Evetech! Get a @MSITweetsZA GTX 1080 Armor 8GB for the low price of… https://t.co/6IpcDYRPCv
22nd Jul2018: I started a live stream on @YouTube: https://t.co/nyHV7CwXyo
20th Jul2018: HHGears gaming chairs are now Available at @Evetech! ✅ High Quality PU leather ✅ High Quality Stitching ✅ Ergonomi… https://t.co/ed69cGHTbD
19th Jul2018: MrSir_ZA Grinding his way backup to Diamond and beyond!: https://t.co/G6td3XrWHi via @YouTube
19th Jul2018: In the immortal words of @za_geemax "Wowsa" #JoinTheLegion @Mettlestate
19th Jul2018: First streamed game of the Evetech Champions League kicks off in 15 minutes! @Big5Esports taking on @OnlineKingd0m… https://t.co/iskkg9tMIt
19th Jul2018: The most gentlemanly gentleman to ever have Overwatched @MrSir_ZA is going LIVE tonight on @Evetech YouTube! Check… https://t.co/fuVBD4T395


30th Oct2018: Noblechair Hero + Footrest - Quest to be Noble
19th Oct2018: The weekend is here! Cold beers and Black Ops 4 all round!
19th Oct2018: We are Evetech.
17th Oct2018: Building a Bravado Gaming Vertagear Chair
11th Oct2018: Evetech rAge 2018
10th Oct2018: Gameplay Clips Competition #3
18th Sep2018: The First Comic Con Africa!
16th Sep2018: Dropping in HOT with dome DUOS action this evening!
13th Sep2018: MAXIMUM Confidence as we Crush some Duos this evening!
6th Sep2018: Loading RushAndCrush.exe. We Going Big!
19th Aug2018: 333 ilvl Paladin Clearing the rest of the new Mythic dungeons in BFA!!
17th Aug2018: 330 + ilvl Paladin ROFL STOMPING through Heroics in BFA!!!
15th Aug2018: Be For The Game
12th Aug2018: The Hunt for the Perfect Gear Continues!
9th Aug2018: MONSTER HUNTER WORLD! First Impressions and Playthrough!
8th Aug2018: LIVE! Come join us for some PUBG DUO madness
5th Aug2018: LIVE! Lost a lot of SR... Time to get it back!
3rd Aug2018: WE LIVE - Rocking Black Ops 4 multiplayer
3rd Aug2018: WE LIVE - Rocking Black Ops 4 multiplayer
2nd Aug2018: MrSir_Za IS IN IT TO WIN IT! Squadding up with some awesome people!
29th Jul2018: MrSir_Za Coming in with some Sunday Fun-day Overwatch action!
26th Jul2018: WRECKING BALL!!
22nd Jul2018: MrSir_ZA Grinding his way backup to Diamond and beyond! Tank Main!
19th Jul2018: MrSir_ZA Grinding his way backup to Diamond and beyond!
15th Jul2018: MrSir_ZA Continues the SR Grind this Season!
14th Jul2018: MrSir_ZA Dives straight into Diamond Placement games for the new season!
8th Jul2018: MrSir_ZA is coming in like a Wrecking Ball as he tries out the new hero in the Overwatch PTR
7th Jul2018: Noblechair Interview at E3 2018 Hero series reveal
24th Jun2018: MrSir_ZA is grinding his way up in competitive games! 3 days left of the Season!
22nd Jun2018: Fortnite/PUBG Top gameplay clips competition May/June 2018
21st Jun2018: MrSir_ZA is here to wreck some fools in Overwatch!
21st Jun2018: Spyro Reignited and Crash Bandicoot at E3 2018 vlog
19th Jun2018: Astro E3 2018 Interview The Legend of Zelda BOTW headset!
18th Jun2018: E3 Logitech interview G512 keyboard + Powerplay charging
15th Jun2018: E3 2018 vlog show floor + games with Dangerous Dave
15th Jun2018: E3 2018 Ubisoft conference Dangerous Dave vlog
8th Jun2018: MrSir_ZA Joins the Evetech stream team!
30th May2018: Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop Showcase
21st May2018: ECL Legends Match Announcement
20th May2018: Sunday night Fortnite with Samplayze!
10th May2018: PUBG/Fortnite TOP 10 clips competition April 2018
23rd Apr2018: The Fortnite GAWD - Samplayze Evetech announcement
14th Mar2018: Steelseries Arctis 3 Showcase
7th Nov2017: Constantine104 gaming set up
19th Oct2017: Constantine104 reviews the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse
19th Sep2017: ASUS ROG GL553 STRIX Gaming Notebook Review

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