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Mantality Coupon Code - Get R50 OFF On Your First Order - Sign Up Now! Coupon (to 30th Jun)
Mantality Coupon Code - Get An EXTRA 10% OFF + Free Shipping - Shop... Coupon (to 15th May)
Mantality Coupon Code - Valentine's Gift Ideas - Get 20% Discount! Coupon (to 17th Feb)
10% OFF All Electronics (to 1st Nov)
Get Extra 10% Off Hot Deals With Mantality Discount Code Coupon (to 30th Sep)
Braai Month at Mantality - Get Free Biltong With Promo Code Coupon (to 30th Sep)
Mantality Discount - Men's Grooming Products At Starting Price ... (to 31st Aug)
Mantality Discount - T-shirts & Apparel Starting From R249Place you... (to 28th Aug)
Mantality Discount - Salutary Health Products At Starting Price Of ... (to 2nd Aug)
Mantality Discount - Complete Office & Work Products At Opening Pri... (to 31st Jul)
Mantality Coupon Code - Now Buy 3 Men's Gifting Items & Save R6... (to 31st Jul)
Mantality Discount - Delicious Food & Drink Items At Starting Price... (to 31st Jul)
Get Free Mystery Gift & R25 Back in Points Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Mantality Discount - Buy Home & Garden Items - Price Starts R25 Onw... (to 20th Jul)
Mantality Coupon Code - Get R30 OFF Plus FREE Mystery GiftRegister ... (to 11th Jul)
Mantality Discount - Order Car, Bike & Boat Gadgets At Opening Pric... (to 30th Jun)
Mantality Discount - Shop For Enjoyable Gaming Items At Starting Pr... (to 30th Jun)
Mantality Discount - Grab Stylish Accessories At Starting Price Of ... (to 30th Jun)
Mantality Discount - Home Electronics - Buy At Starting Amount Of R159 (to 29th Jun)
Mantality Discount - Men's Grooming Products - Purchase At Star... (to 27th Jun)
Father's Day Deal - Get R35 Off With Mantality Promo Code Coupon (to 11th Jun)
Get 10% Off With Mantality Promo Code Coupon (to 23rd Apr)
St Patrick's Day - Get 10% Off With Mantality Promo Code Coupon (to 17th Mar)
Vitamins and Supplements from R355 at Mantality (to 19th Feb)
Gaming Products from R295 at Mantality (to 19th Feb)
Up to 20% Off Selected Gadgets at Mantality (to 19th Feb)
Valentine's Day Deal - Buy 3 & Get R60 Off On Your Order (to 14th Feb)
Pre-Workout & Energy Powders from Under R200 at Mantality (to 14th Feb)
R60 Off with 3 Thumbsup Products Orders Over R250 at Mantality (to 5th Jan)
R50 Coupon with Email Sign Up at Mantality (to 5th Jan)
10% Off Orders at Mantality (to 24th Dec)
Electronics from R20 at Mantality (to 21st Dec)
Free Delivery on Orders Over R499 at Mantality (to 21st Dec)
Gaming Products from R169 at Mantality (to 21st Dec)
Merry Manly - Get Extra 10% Off on Your Christmas Gifts with This U... Coupon (to 1st Dec)
Mantality Birthday Coupon Code - Get 9% Storewide Coupon (to 9th Oct)
Get R90 Off on Fizzics Beer Dispenser System Coupon (to 6th Aug)
Free delivery for orders R499+ at (to 22nd Jun)
R200 off your whole order at Coupon (to 4th May)
R25 off your whole order at Coupon (to 4th May)
R50 off your whole order at Coupon (to 4th May)


8th Jun: Father’s Day 2021 👨🎁 is just around the corner and boy, do we have all the manly goodies and cool gifts a Dad wants…
2nd May: Tag a fisherman! Don’t let the cold put a dampener on your next big catch 🐠 Here’s a deal for our fishermen looking…
23rd Apr: It’s a tough choice 🛠 Cat Smartphones are built to take a pounding. Beyond rugged, and tough as ever - waterproof,…
20th Apr: If you’re on the lookout for a new and slim #CardWallet, you’ll want to have a look at these guys. 😎💪 Stylish and b…
13th Apr: Just posted a photo
16th Jun: Recova is the ultimate hangover recovery drink. 🍺 A lot has changed since the beginning of time. Learn more here:…
14th Jun: For the biltong lover! 😍 Slice your biltong with ease and precision. Also handy for chillies, herbs and other foods…
30th Nov: The Mantality Black Friday 2019 Weekend sale has begun 🎉 Grab yourself a bargain and shop our deals at up to 50% of…
1st Oct: We’ve turned 11! Celebrate Our Birthday With Us in October
27th Sep: Ice will dilute your drink. You just pop your cleverly designed mini icebergs into the freezer for 3-4 hours, and w…
25th Aug: Scrap your chunky wallet, and slim down to this compact aluminium card wallet for the minimalist at heart. It featu…
28th May: If you were born in the 70s or 80s then you probably grew up playing some of the 200 cool arcade games on this syst…
5th Apr: The Beer Tie is a sneaky and smart way to conceal beer or other drinks in what looks like a fresh and funky tie.…
3rd Apr: Create cool back lighting effects like those at event shows, night clubs and on TV. The kind that just look so futu…
1st Apr: This ingenious car phone charger and holder for your Qi enabled phone easily slots into the air vents of your car.…
18th Mar: Review: Roku TV Box by Kwese Play
13th Mar: Nifty wireless phone charger for Qi compatible phones
6th Mar: Boost Your Workout with These Resistance Bands Exercise Sets
20th Feb: Best Multi-Tools & Pocket Tools for Your Everyday Carry
12th Sep: Bear Grylls action gear has finally launched in South Africa, and is available from Captur…
2nd Aug: Gents, play time with Oscar has never been this much fun - for both man and beast. Launch balls into the air. Tons…
31st Jul: Illuminate your home or event with The Light Up Message Board is an A4 message board that allows you to write funny…
31st Jul: Introducing the new Hold Your Own Pub Quiz - 101 General Knowledge Questions
27th Jul: Introducing the new Beard Buddy Shaving Bib (includes Travel Bag)
27th Jul: Introducing the new Samurai Sword Umbrella
18th Jul: Every now and then we have a whopper of a sale. The Mantality Drone Megasale has just launched. Save up to 70% on s…
22nd Mar: #NEW Heisenbergs Bath Salts from @MantalityZA -
16th Mar: #NEW Last Man Standing Whiskey Glass from @MantalityZA -
13th Mar: #NEW Hoot Beer Pong Set - 12 Cups & 2 Balls Incl from @MantalityZA -
13th Mar: #NEW Orb Gaming 3D Virtual Reality Headset from @MantalityZA -
9th Mar: #NEW Maniska Mini Survival Kit - 12 Piece Multipurpose Outdoor Kit with Paracord from @MantalityZA -…
9th Mar: #NEW Key Ninja Multi-tool - Expands To Fit Up To 30 Keys from @MantalityZA -
9th Mar: #NEW The Unbreakable Silicone Pint Glass from @MantalityZA -
27th Feb: #NEW Multi-Tool 6-in-1 Tech Tool Pen from @MantalityZA -
23rd Feb: #NEW Vex Robotics STEM Construction Set Catapult™ Launcher from @MantalityZA -
22nd Feb: #NEW Ingenious Remote Control Caddy Organiser (with 360 degree Swivel Base) from @MantalityZA -…
19th Feb: Netflix and chilli? Introducing the new Tabasco popcorn for the man who loves his chilli! Available now from Mantal…
15th Feb: #NEW Realistic Jellyfish Lamp (Mains Powered) from @MantalityZA -
15th Feb: #NEW Round Mini Jellyfish Tank Moodlight (Battery Powered) from @MantalityZA -
9th Feb: #NEW The Frustrator - 3D Maze Ball Game from @MantalityZA -
7th Feb: #NEW Stress Mushroom from @MantalityZA -
7th Feb: #NEW Emoticon Poo Mug from @MantalityZA -
7th Feb: #NEW The Lazy Man Auto-Stir Mug from @MantalityZA -
6th Feb: #NEW Magic Notebook & Wand Pencil from @MantalityZA -
2nd Feb: Maximise your summer fun with these crazy Waboba water bouncing balls - now available at Mantality!…
18th Jan: #NEW DJ Mini Mixer Kit from @MantalityZA -
16th Jan: #NEW Swipe Bluetooth Boombox Speaker from @MantalityZA -
10th Jan: #NEW Spot Trace Theft-Alert GPS Tracking Device from @MantalityZA -
21st Dec: #NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Dancing Groot Bobblehead from @MantalityZA -
8th Dec: #NEW Trackimo Universal GPS Tracker (Including 12 Months Mobile Service) from @MantalityZA -
7th Dec: #NEW Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV Pack from @MantalityZA -
7th Dec: #NEW Giant Microbes (Sperm Cell) from @MantalityZA -
7th Dec: #NEW Calm the Fuck Down Tea from @MantalityZA -
24th Nov: Black Friday 2017 Sale Now On!
17th Nov: #NEW Super Mario Light from @MantalityZA -
14th Nov: #NEW Powerball® SportsGyro™ Supernova Pro from @MantalityZA -
10th Nov: #NEW Maniska Portable Solar Charger (incl Solar Panels, Carabiner and Charge Cable) from @MantalityZA -…
10th Nov: #NEW DIY Wireless Bluetooth Boombox from @MantalityZA -
9th Nov: #NEW Build Your Own 3D Unicorn Head from @MantalityZA -
2nd Nov: #NEW My Retro Mini Arcade Machine with 240 16-bit Games from @MantalityZA -
2nd Nov: #NEW Magic Poo from @MantalityZA -
2nd Nov: #NEW Poo Stressball from @MantalityZA -
31st Oct: #NEW Game Boy Colour Change Glass from @MantalityZA -
31st Oct: #NEW DC Comics Colour Changing Glass from @MantalityZA -
27th Oct: #NEW Batman Wallet With Metal Logo Detail from @MantalityZA -
27th Oct: #NEW Batman Hip Flask from @MantalityZA -
19th Oct: #NEW Foxwear Bluetooth Smart Watch (Black) from @MantalityZA -
6th Oct: #NEW Onetto East Smart Tap 2 Universal Tablet Mount from @MantalityZA -
6th Oct: #NEW Superman Shaped Mug from @MantalityZA -
4th Oct: #NEW Mediabox Quad-Core Android 4.4 TV Box (MTK4) from @MantalityZA -
2nd Oct: Collecting an order? Please note: we have moved warehouse to Canero Business Park in Olivedale, Johannesburg. Map:…
28th Sep: R.I.P. Hef... What a legend! Playboy magazine was the quintessential fusion of entertainment, stunning beauties and…
27th Sep: #NEW How Not To Be A Dick (Book) from @MantalityZA -
27th Sep: #NEW Images You Should Not Masturbate To (Book) from @MantalityZA -
27th Sep: #NEW Wake The F*** Up Tea from @MantalityZA -
20th Sep: #NEW Powertraveller Mini-G Rugged High Tech Charger (5V To 19V) from @MantalityZA -
19th Sep: #NEW Avantree Powerhouse Desk USB Charging Station from @MantalityZA -
14th Sep: #NEW Corkcicle Air - Chill Aerate Pour from @MantalityZA -
13th Sep: #NEW Tattoo Sleeves from @MantalityZA -
7th Sep: #NEW Superdad Original Superhero Mug (White) from @MantalityZA -
1st Sep: #NEW DIY Useless Box Kit from @MantalityZA -
30th Aug: #NEW Utx Outdoor Fire Starter from @MantalityZA -
22nd Aug: #NEW Astrum Android 4K TV Box from @MantalityZA -
21st Aug: Review: Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine
17th Aug: #NEW Zoku Cool Moji Ice Tray (10 Emojis Molds) from @MantalityZA -
15th Aug: #NEW Oregon Scientific Weather+ Bluetooth Sensor (Advanced) BAR228 from @MantalityZA -
11th Aug: #NEW Beard Bib from @MantalityZA -
11th Aug: #NEW Jabra Move Wireless Headset (Coal) from @MantalityZA -
8th Aug: #NEW NSD Powerball Autostart 280Hz Classic from @MantalityZA -
2nd Aug: #NEW NanoGrip - Grip Pad for Car & Home from @MantalityZA -
2nd Aug: #NEW Reulaux RX Mini Kit (Silver) from @MantalityZA -
2nd Aug: #NEW Blitzwolf 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset from @MantalityZA -
28th Jul: #NEW Carzor Credit Card Knife 10-in-1 Multi functional Tool from @MantalityZA -
27th Jul: #NEW Emoji Pillows - Drol (Brown) from @MantalityZA -
25th Jul: #NEW Yellow Banana StressBall from @MantalityZA -
21st Jul: #NEW Millenium Falcon Cufflinks Set from @MantalityZA -
20th Jul: #NEW Captain America Shield Cufflinks from @MantalityZA -
27th Jun: #NEW Samsung Galaxy Gear VR 3 With Controller from @MantalityZA -
22nd Jun: #NEW True Utility® Connect - Everyday Carry Bag (Black) from @MantalityZA -
21st Jun: #NEW Retro Arcade Colour Changing Mug from @MantalityZA -
20th Jun: #NEW DJI Spark (Alpine White) from @MantalityZA -
20th Jun: #NEW DJI Goggles from @MantalityZA -
14th Jun: #NEW Make Your Own Beer Cookies Kit from @MantalityZA -
14th Jun: #NEW Chocolate Edible Anus from @MantalityZA -
14th Jun: A great list for all types of dads!
8th Jun: #NEW MyGica ATV495X 4K Quad-Core Android 6 Media Player from @MantalityZA -
6th Jun: #NEW NSD Powerball® Autostart Pro™ 280Hz from @MantalityZA -
2nd Jun: #NEW Ubtech Jimu Explorer Robot Kit from @MantalityZA -
1st Jun: #NEW FitBit Surge Fitness Super Watch (Large, Blue) from @MantalityZA -
30th May: #NEW FitBit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch (Large, Black/Silver) from @MantalityZA -
26th May: #NEW Fidget Spinner - Colourized Tri Star from @MantalityZA -
26th May: #NEW Fidget Spinner - Colourized Quad Star from @MantalityZA -
24th May: #NEW 3 Litre Supertube Beer Tower (Black) with Chiller Stick from @MantalityZA -
19th May: #NEW Welcome To The Gun Show Mug from @MantalityZA -
19th May: #NEW Game Of Gnomes Garden Gnome from @MantalityZA -
12th May: #NEW MyGica ATV1900 Pro 4K Android 5.1 Streaming/HDD Media Player from @MantalityZA -
11th May: #NEW MyGica ATV495 Pro 4K Android 5.1 Streaming Media Player from @MantalityZA -
4th May: #NEW Catalyst Waterproof Cover for iPhone® 7 (Black) from @MantalityZA -
26th Apr: #NEW Capsule Spirit Level Rhodium Cufflinks Set from @MantalityZA -
25th Apr: #NEW Darth Vader iKlip Lightning Flash from @MantalityZA -
25th Apr: #NEW Collapsible Camping Grill & Chimney Starter from @MantalityZA -
24th Apr: #NEW Marvel Spiderman Framed Print (40cm x 40cm) from @MantalityZA -
21st Apr: #NEW Monopoly - Marvel Comics Edition from @MantalityZA -
21st Apr: #NEW Monopoly - Marvel Universe Edition from @MantalityZA -
21st Apr: #NEW Braun Beard Precision Trimmer from @MantalityZA -
20th Apr: #NEW Stainless Steel Ice Cube Skulls by Sagaform from @MantalityZA -
18th Apr: #NEW Foxwear Bluetooth Smart Watch (Silver/Tan) from @MantalityZA -
18th Apr: #NEW 360 Degree 4K Action Camera (Silver) from @MantalityZA -
12th Apr: #NEW Star Wars Pop! R2-D2 Bobblehead from @MantalityZA -
11th Apr: #NEW Sunvell T95V Pro Android TV Box - Octacore CPU & 4K Ultra-HD from @MantalityZA -
10th Apr: #NEW Stainless Steel Ice Cube Skulls by Sagaform from @MantalityZA -
10th Apr: #NEW Pac-Man Ghost Light with Party Mode from @MantalityZA -
10th Apr: #NEW Chewbacca Fur A5 Notebook from @MantalityZA -
10th Apr: #NEW Pax 2 Premium Vaporiser Device (Platinum) from @MantalityZA -
7th Apr: #NEW Tactical Self-Defense Pen Laix B5-H (Black) from @MantalityZA -
7th Apr: #NEW Millenium Falcon Inspired Ice Mold from @MantalityZA -
6th Apr: #NEW 10L Waterproof Dry Bag (Orange) from @MantalityZA -
6th Apr: #NEW Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller (Black) from @MantalityZA -
6th Apr: #NEW Card Holder & Money Clip (Black/Grey) from @MantalityZA -
5th Apr: #NEW Multi Pocket Utility Waist or Shoulder Pack (Black) from @MantalityZA -
5th Apr: #NEW DJI Mavic Pro from @MantalityZA -
8th Mar: #NEW Plantronics BackBeat® FIT Bluetooth Headset from @MantalityZA -
8th Mar: #NEW Plantronics BackBeat® - PRO Wireless Bluetooth Headset (with ANC) from @MantalityZA -
7th Mar: #NEW Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with ANC (Graphite Grey) from @MantalityZA -…
7th Mar: #NEW Plantronics GameCom RIG 500E Headset Sport Edition E&A from @MantalityZA -
22nd Feb: #NEW Charging Shelf for Smartphones from @MantalityZA -
22nd Feb: #NEW Retro Pocket Games Controller with LCD screen - Over 100 8-bit Games from @MantalityZA -…
22nd Feb: #NEW Magnetic Hourglass - 1 Minute Timer from @MantalityZA -
22nd Feb: #NEW Electronic Panoramic Phone Stand from @MantalityZA -
22nd Feb: #NEW Inflatable Gummy Chair from @MantalityZA -
21st Feb: #NEW Man Bib - Silicone Bib for the Messy Man from @MantalityZA -
15th Feb: #NEW DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo from @MantalityZA -
14th Feb: #NEW DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone with 2 Extra Batteries from @MantalityZA -

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